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The Land and Liberty Coalition (L&LC) is a state-based group of local citizens who support renewable energy developments. Our coalition consists of farmers, land owners, and key stakeholders who are concerned about protecting their private property rights, developing their communities, and being good stewards of the land. 

L&LC empowers individuals and communities to take control of their energy future by providing objective, relevant information and helping citizens organize as effective advocates.

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Our Mission

Protect Property Rights

Grounding the Discussion 

Energy Independence

Every conversation on the use of private land must begin and end with protecting property rights. We often encounter farmers and landowners who have lived their entire lives doing as they please on their land: growing crops, building homes, or grazing livestock. Now, as many seek to learn about opportunities of solar energy development, they learn that their own local governments now want to control how they use their property. Property rights are paramount, and any attempt to limit these rights are anti-liberty, anti-American, and pro-big government.

To quote a Virginian, “facts are stubborn things,” and we are all best served with accurate figures when considering the pros and cons of energy development in the Commonwealth. Solar technology has advanced quickly, making solar the go-to source of power. We will bring these facts to members of our coalition to ground every conversation between policymakers and stakeholders with reliable data.  

Our coalition is proud to be leading the fight for energy independence through localized and robust energy development. Just as we were able to free ourselves from the mercy of foreign energy producers, Virginia has the chance to strengthen our energy portfolio with clean energy. Solar development across the Commonwealth will make our energy more secure, more predictable, and more affordable. Here’s to powering Virginia, from Virginia.

Virginia Voices

"I voted for this, and I still believe today that it is the right of a property owner to do what they want with their land. If something is built legally and per code, every property owner has the right to do so. That’s how I felt when I voted and I feel that same way today."
Pittsylvania County
Supervisor Ben Farmer
Chatham Star Tribune, July 8th 2021
"My brother and I have operated 700-acre farm that has been in our family for 70 years. But now our age, the unstable economy, depressed agricultural prices, trying to hire and keep employees, and now a drought are all issues nowadays. There are no guarantees with farming. We have chosen to rent out our land for solar projects for a good retirement, a much needed rest and a way to keep our family farm in the family."
Donna Miller
Farmer, Augusta County
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