Property Rights Drive Virginia’s Support for Solar Energy

This month, Conservatives for Clean Energy — VA conducted and released a poll focussed on Virginians’ opinions on clean energy development across the Commonwealth. The results are eye opening: folks of all ideologies, ages, and folks from every region of the state identified key aspects of energy development that they support. Not surprisingly, individual property rights, the notion that YOU have the right to use YOUR land however YOU please, won the day. Property rights are sacred and core to the American dream–our Founders made their support for property rights explicit during the founding of our country. Protecting these rights are fundamental to conservative leadership in Virginia, and our Land & Liberty Coalition is proud to stand up for like minded Conservatives.

Virginian’s support the right of landowners to build solar projects by a 90% to 10% margin.

Virginians recognize that solar development is a safe, gentle use of land that is compatible with countless types of neighbors. Solar projects do not pollute, smell, make noise, or require intensive upkeep. They sit quietly in sunlight and power our homes and businesses. Whereas only 22% of people support a housing development being built in their locality and even fewer, 11% support an industrial use, a clear majority of Virginia (60%) support a solar project being built nearby.

An overwhelming 61% to 21% majority agree in an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy that lowers dependence on fossil fuels over time.

An “all-of-the-above” strategy at the national level allowed the Trump Administration to achieve energy independence from foreign producers. Employed at the state level, the strategy can ensure clean air, clean water, and economic development in rural Virginia. To achieve this goal, 55% of Virginians support putting more emphasis on solar energy development, compared to 21% who would like to see less.

When Virginian’s know that solar projects can help provide income to farmers as well as revenue for schools, they are more likely to support solar by 62% to 11% margin.

Like energy development in fuel-rich states across the country, local production of energy powers schools and community services like first responders. Tax revenues from solar developments provide local governments with the flexibility to improve local infrastructure while also providing the option to lower taxes for all residents. The message is clear: Virginians are ready for clean energy development and the benefits it brings.

Take a closer look at the survey results below.

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